Network of Entrepreneurs

Westminster is the hub of a network of enterprising, successful and motivated men and women with demonstrated success in developing and growing community-based, client-focused, financial services practices.An affiliation with Westminster provides access to and inclusion in this experienced group of professionals.

Whether your practice has been built around financial and estate planning, investment supervision, tax management or fee-based advice you will find a home at Westminster.Our experienced professionals share common services while exhibiting uncommon commitment to putting clients first in unique, independent practices.

Corporate or Independent

Some advisors are most comfortable operating from a corporate branch office, where they can leave the day-to-day administrative burden to us and focus on client development.Others have had years of business building experience and prefer to operate from their own location, with their own staff, their own structure and their own control.There isn’t one right answer that fits every situation.There is one firm that has been built by design to structure and implement tailored support solutions to fit the needs of the advisor in answering this important question—Westminster.

Customized Support

One of the keys to a successful practice is having access to the right level of support and service.Westminster prides itself on having developed a flexible, tailored service model that starts with the needs of the advisor.If you operate from a fully staffed independent location, your main need is access to back office systems, control of key functions and focused training for your support team.Other advisors choose to more fully leverage Westminster’s home office staff to open accounts, monitor events, process distributions and deposits, trade, take phone calls, you name it.Most advisors work somewhere in between and take advantage of a custom, a la carte service offering that best fits their needs.

Access to Decision Makers

As successful business owners the last thing an experienced advisor wants to be is “out of the loop”.This is perhaps the biggest professional disappointment many advisors have felt as the firms they are with became just too big, too unwieldy--insensitive to the needs of clients and their advisors.“Management” is out of touch and out of reach.

Westminster operates from a completely different mind set than the traditional large brokerage firm.Our key leaders are also advisors—they have clients to keep happy, problems to solve and business to get done.They lead from the front.They participate in weekly idea exchanges, travel frequently to visit advisors where they live and work and share their experiences and those of others in the network with all who are interested.

It simply takes a phone call—not an Act of Congress—to reach a decision maker who understands where you’re coming from and how to get you where you need to go.