About Westminster

Westminster Financial Companies, Inc. is a financial services holding company with corporate offices in the Vandalia a suburb of Dayton, OH. Westminster operates through its three wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • Westminster Financial Advisory Corporation, a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm
  • Westminster Financial Agencies, Inc., a licensed insurance general agency
  • Westminster Financial Securities, Inc., a FINRA member, full service broker dealer

Each operating subsidiary provides middle and back office services to employee and independent contractor representatives/advisors and branch office organizations. These services consist generally of sales and sales management, portfolio management services, recruiting, accounting, business processing and regulatory and compliance management. Other non-affiliated financial institutions (such as other broker dealers and investment advisors) contract for a variety of services such as securities trading, asset custody, reporting and fee processing.

Westminster Financial Companies competes in the independent and regional broker dealer and investment advisory marketplace. Westminster is able to effectively compete for the attention and loyalty of advisors based on a number of key attributes:

  • Ownership commitment and dedication
  • Experienced management
  • Efficient and cost-effective operations
  • Highly competitive clearing relationship
  • Boutique approach to relationship

Lawrence Miles Brazieis Chief Executive Officer of Westminster Financial Companies, Inc. Perhaps more importantly, Miles is an active financial advisor who works with a long-established retail clientele. With over 31 years as a successful advisor in the industry, Westminster’s most senior leader understands advisors and what they need in a relationship to make them successful. This understanding permeates the organization from the top down and it is where the firm’s ability to attract advisors and quickly understand their needs and how to meet these needs begins.

Westminster has developed an experienced and capable Investment and Financial Operations staff. This team delivers a flexible “a’ la carte” menu of support and services solutions to a diverse customer base. This approach allows for a tailored, result driven deployment of the firm’s internal and external resources that is “bottom up” and informed by the needs of the customer, not the needs of the platform. It requires close relationships with key constituencies and broad knowledge of products and service alternatives and their application.

Westminster supports employee and independent contractor advisors as well as institutional customers. Each requires a different type of support model from a sale, operations and financial perspective. The firm is adept at delivering support in a manner that is informed by and responsive to these differences.