Westminster Financial Advisory

Westminster Financial Advisory Corporation is an investment advisor formed in 1987.  It is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Investment Management

Westminster Financial is dedicated to building individualized asset allocation strategies to accommodate the needs of each unique client’s situation. Through our top-down approach, coupled with fundamental and technical analysis, we are able to utilize tactics in equities, fixed income, and derivative markets that fulfill client specific needs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is critical to know our clients, their goals, and their financial objectives. Each client works with our team of experienced professionals to create an individualized investment policy statement (IPS) outlining the details of goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income requirements, and any extraordinary circumstances. Once an IPS has been established, our team builds an asset allocation model that best fits the client’s objectives and us strategic asset placement to invest the funds.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a boutique investment management group is you get individualized attention. As a fee-based service, we are able to give an objective approach to investment strategy instead of charging large commissions. In addition, we have no mandated investment products that could lead to conflicts of interest between us and our clients. All and all, our team is here to provide superior service and attention to our clients.

Our Strategy  

The investment markets are not static; neither are our client’s. There is no cookie cutter approach to investments. Though our proprietary method, we are able to build individualized portfolios from a number of disciplines. Some clients look to blend an income approach with some growth. Others want a pure value play. That is the great importance of our comprehensive investment policy statement sessions with clients. We want to completely and fully understand our clients goals so we can work together to achieve them.

Growth & Income

This portfolio focuses on large-cap domestic companies with extensive market presence. These companies generally display less volatility and in most cases are dividend champions, raising their dividends year over year showing their overall financial strength. 


This portfolio utilizes a wide range of fixed income securities to provide for the fixed needs of any investors objectives.

Value & Growth

This portfolio uses large-cap and some mid-cap stocks with domestic as well as international exposure with significant fundamental potential for growth within the firms respective market space. 

The Westminster Advantage

Active management of covered calls, and in some case put writing, allow for our team to bring enhanced returns to client portfolios in both volatile and flat markets. Our systematic approach, utilizing short-term options, provides a strategic way to protect a client’s portfolio as well as bring in additional return. This strategy can be coupled with any of our managed accounts.